Raising a Pervert

by Abserdo

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released June 1, 2010



all rights reserved


Abserdo Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Disbanded Philadelphia Crossover Thrash

R.I.P. 2008-2011

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Track Name: Patriotic and Arrogant
You say you’re out there to serve and protect
But that isn’t always correct
Because we become a fascist state
When laws are enforced by mindless hate

You’re not brave
You’re a tool
You’re not a hero
You’re a fool
You’re not loyal
You’re a fascist
You’re not loyal
You’re a fascist

Patriotic and arrogant

So you can march in your parade
Justifying your charade
And you can call me unpatriotic
Just cause I think war’s psychotic

So rule out your ideas of pacifism
And reject your individualism
Because we’ve got a country to protect
Isn’t it nice to be politically correct
Track Name: Bro-ros
I take less than I can get
You take more than you need
There’s no standards set
Let your hunger justify your greed

You seem awfully proud in your genocide
Carrying on your back those who died
Much safer to use to test
After all they’re just pests

No need to get upset
Not important just forget
Millions killed for this glory
Murder never seemed this gory

Kill ‘em all
Give the profits to us
Just as long as it’s food on the plate
We won’t make a fuss
Track Name: Epic Phail
Born into famine, a life breeding death
The definition of misery, no hope is left
Life on your knees, you will not prevail
God looks down at your wretchedness
And dubs
Epic Fail
Track Name: Taco Time
Taco Time is all the time
Taco Time, don’t eat mine
Track Name: You Got Pregnant (And Dropped Out Of High School)
Senior year living in fear
High school party, you bring the beer
Your McDonald’s job causes so much stress
Then you met a boy who you wanted to undress
He said he loved you and he asked you out
But you know that’s not what it was about
He took you to the mall and he held your hand
And said never let me go, I’m your man
Your boyfriend said he couldn’t wait any longer
He said his feelings couldn’t get any stronger
You know I’ve seen your video tape
You lying bitch, it wasn’t rape
You got pregnant and dropped out of high school
All your college money went to buying toys
Only cause you couldn’t stop fucking boys
Friends found out and called you a whore
Next house party you fuck him some more
Your enormous ego crowds your view
And now there’s nothing that you can do
Your best friend said you haven’t been the same
Ever since you lost your sense of shame
Your sexual experience altered your mind
Larger then the hole that he couldn’t find
What’s your problem, you’ve never seen a condom in your life
You didn’t take the pill, now you’re his wife
You wanna sell your baby for some crack
Smoke rocks and you’ll never get it back
Was it worth it
You live life blindly
If you need help
You know where you can find me
Will it be worth it to live tomorrow
How does it feel to live in sorrow
It’s everybody else’s fault but yours
Why does everything have to happen to you?
Barley surviving day by day
You work nights just to scrape a little pay
Complain about the pain you’re going through
Still no one seems to understand
Freedom is only a few ounces away
To hide your remorse from your demands
It’s too late now and there’s no turning back
You found the right words to say when you’re in denial
Hoping someone will cut you some slack
How’s it feel to live in sorrow
Eagerly the answer to come
Who’s gonna save you from this hell.
You play it safe and do what you’re told
At this point you might as well
This what is what your life will always be
Dreams and future you can’t see
You’re satisfied in constant misery
You often question
Where is he?
Would you change it
I bet you would

Go back that night
And block his wood
Your life is over
And your dreams are dead
You should have listened when daddy said
The next time I see your boyfriend Rob
He better have a haircut and a job
Track Name: Sit Down Shut Up
Sit down and shut up
And do what you're supposed to do
Go on and follow the crowd
Because no one will ever care about you

Learn what we want you to you to learn
And everything will be fine
Erase all thought from your head
In real life you don’t use your mind

Sit down,
Shut up

If you fail we’ll put you in a war
If you succeed we'll make you start 'em
Work harder and harder everyday
By listening to exactly what we say

Go to college
Go to school
And then you join the military
Because you are nothing but a Stool
Track Name: Cheese Video Games Ba
Cheese Video Games BA

All you do is eat cheese

All you do is Play Video Games

All you do is say BA
Track Name: My Sick Mind
Yesterday I found out I have a porn addiction
And now I know why I live my life through fiction
And nobody talks to me on my block, yo
It’s cause I took a bite of that tasty taco

I never have to delete my history
Because my secret ain’t no mystery
And I go and favor all the best porn sites
With the animals, Asians, and the dykes

Standards are set so high
Brainwashed by the lie

Brainwashed by the lie
Standards set so high

There’s no idea what you might find
If you were looking through my sick mind

All last night I stared at the computer.
The girl didn’t go down on the guy, I wanted to shoot her
Her boobs aren’t real, her ass is fake
If masturbating was a competition then I’d take the cake.

Hell no, I don’t wanna girlfriend
I’d rather close my eyes, stroke and pretend
My puppy died and I didn’t even mourn
Because I was to busy looking at the porn.

Yeah I’m a pervert, but I’m not gonna convert
I know this much is true
My pants are down, I look like a clown
But there’s nothing I can do

Log on to Pretend
Consume the message that they send
Observe the appeal
Of the pleasures you’ll never feel

Jack off all night
Jack off all day
Whip out the had lotion
And watch the time go flying away
Track Name: Bomb Threats Rule (Because You Get Off From School)
Bomb threat exterior
To prove you are superior
Everyone in your school deserves to die
Insults so intense you run off and cry

Everyone one regrets what they did
The rest just ran off and hid
You just destroyed the social clicks
The Goths, the Geeks, and the Dicks

Send them the warning on the bathroom wall
Written in blood on the stall
The norm that never changed for you
Exterminate the teachers too

Punished for there ignorance
They don’t live to regret
Their death is their only way out
From the torture you’ll forget

Won’t follow your rules anymore
Won’t be mocked by cheerleader whores
Won’t sit down and won’t shut up
Won’t stick their pencils up my butt

This is the last paper you’ll ever write
Tomorrow I prove that you were right
Don’t let them apologize don’t even let them try
They lived their life in infamy and it’s time to die

I wanna blow up the fucking school
Cause massacres are fucking cool
They put my face into their floors
Because of my high test scores

Tomorrow I’m bringing a gun into to school
I don’t mean for show and tell
I’ll end all your fucking lives
To escape me from my fucking hell

Tomorrow I’m bringing a gun into to school
I don’t mean for show and tell
I’ll burn all your Goddamn projects
By the time you hear the final bell
Track Name: South Dakota
How can you be so quick to judge?
What gives you the right?
Who are we to decide who lives or dies?
You have no hard evidence but continue to fight

Fuck your system
Fuck your courts
Fuck the majority
Fuck your authority

Fuck your rules
Fuck your schools
Fuck your country
Guided by fools

Going through life is a worthless piece of shit
And there’s rarely anything we can even do about it
Prejudice so accepted in today’s society
Stereotype people to hold back you and me

Hold it against them, they’ll never tell
We lock them up in the prison cells
Daily avoid them on the street
But always be discreet

Why must sex and race judge us?
Just because we can not trust
Don’t you think it’s a fucking shame?
How we all must be the same

Been an outsider from day one
You tell I’m God’s son
You baffle me all the time
And censor what I say

Your god can never truly do anything
Your life is whatever you demand
Your time is too short to live blindly
Ticking like an hour glass of sand

Does anyone remember those three boys?
What was their crime?
They’ve been locked up since 1993
And they’re still serving time

A perfect example of prejudice mystery
Falsely convicted the West Memphis 3
There’s no proof from what I can see
Hopefully some day they’ll live among you and me